P & F Meat Market’s commitment to provide its food service customers with reliable and consistent meat poultry game and other food products is priority #1. We operate under some of the most sanitary conditions. With the cooperation of the USDA and our stringent HACCP and SSOP plans. Sanitation is highly regarded.

Custom Packaging

A consistent product has three attributes, uniformity, texture, and packaging to ensure product safety. Vacuum packaging is a mainstay if you want it the good old way with the orange butcher paper just let us know.

Master Butchers

Our butchers on staff well they are some of the best around. While gaining most of there meat cutting skills from Pete Tsimaris they are the true epitome of what we honor and represent.

Same Day Delivery

Orders can be left on an answering machine the night before. Getting an order by 7:30 am is not an impossible task for us to accomplish. We deliver to most of Maryland, Northern VA, and the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Friendly Service

When calling between 6am and 2:30pm you will be greeted by one of the family. We are ready to offer all knowledge of transforming your idea into a reality. We have the know how.