Lamb Deluxe Hindshank Frenched

The Lamb Deluxe Hindshank Frenched is a great menu item for this season. At 24oz it is a very generous portion of meat. This succulent meat is sure to satisfy the greatest appetite. It should be advertised on the menu as American Lamb From the Mountain Tops of Colorado. This item should be priced around $22-$25 if not more. Lambshank also comes with a bone which makes for a great plate presentation. Most executive chefs are know to call this a Volcano due to its shape when the meat is erected.
This cut of Lamb is particularly special because there are many ways to prepare. I especially enjoy this cut of meat prepared by simply baking. The meat creates a crust that has a nice salty crunchy sensation. Lemon doused potatoes cooking together with the lamb complements good to this plate. Simple seasoning would include salt, pepper and oregano. Put pan at the bottom of the oven and set oven to 400f. Cooking will take 2 to 2.5 hours.

Suggested menu item was prepared by Savas Tsimaris of P & F Meat Market. P & F Meat Market is a wholesale meat purveyor to Washington DC and Its surroundings which include Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland. Contact us for further information on pricing and availability.

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