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Greek Products

P&F is now offering Domestic and Imported Greek products

Football season wings and things

All your specials for sporting events here. Party wings raw of a large size are more popular. Also available beef and pork ribs. These are spectacular with barbecue sauce. Enquire about all sporting event meat.

P & F Meat Market local meat purveyor excited about the future

P & F Meat Market is going onto 39 years of operating in Maryland. It has been through many changes including trends and fads that have come and gone like the wind. We continue to market our brand as great quality meat at reasonable prices. And our creed says it all “for finer meat on […]


Its the summer season and the outdoors is where we need to be. Being outside what a great way to spend time cooking burgers. Grinding meat for burgers is easy getting the right mix is another. However we at P & F have found that grinding USDA choice chuck roll is a very simple way […]

Colorado lamb chops frenched

Our specialty is lamb veal beef pork and poultry. We source the best so you can prepare the best. Are tag line isn’t “for finer meat on your plate” for nothing.

Locally raised baby lamb for Easter

Like every year we are taking pre orders for lamb weighing 20 through 40 pounds. They will be available for pick up after Thursday the week of April 6. We will also have hard wood charcoal for purchase. Do not forget to add chicken and pork souvlaki to your order.

veal breast economical yet tasty

Veal prices have been at their all time high. However their are a few economical cuts such as the veal breast. I found a nice recipe by the Food Network. By the end this should turn out marvelous. P & F Meat Market is a purveyor of meat to the restaurants of Virginia Maryland and […]



Veal rack

Veal rack is the cut for veal rib chops. Typically it can be purchased as a 7 bone or 8 bone rack. This cut is extremely versatile because you can roast it whole about 10 pounds. If you are just in the mood for a grilled veal chop all you need is to remove the […]

Us vs. the rest

Some of you may be asking why us vs the rest. Yes their are many meat, food service, big box stores, grocery stores, where ever else you can get meat and other meat products. P & F Meat Market has established itself as a premier meat purveyor. See the difference between us and the others […]