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Grill steaks. This is the time, changing of the seasons, leaves changing color, breeze getting a little cooler, evenings getting shorter. What a great time to grill a steak. The more popular is the porter house steak. the first cut would be considered the favored due to its large cut of tenderloin. The next cut […]

Tomahawk steak a nice 32 ounce cut of meat.

Aged angus tomahawk steak 32 ounce cut is now available I call it the kings cut. We hand pick the the 103 rib that will stand next to the best. Some steak house will call it the long bone ribeye steak others will call it the cowboy steak. P & F Meat Market supplies the […]


Souvlaki is the Greek version of kebab. Pork and chicken is prepared in house. Suculant pieces of pork and chicken are cubed and marinated in our Greek recipe. The skewers come in 4 ounce portions. The packaging itself is marvelous, we pack two skewers per vacuum pouch. It is wounderful for the home on the […]

Exciting new Item now lamb sliders

New item we are happy to offer to our great restaurants. Lamb sliders have been in the works for a while, after months of perfecting the mix it is here. We have produced the most succulent slider that has robust flavours and texture that will have your patrons coming back for more. Available in 2oz […]

Pink Slime is never used HERE!

If you have any questions comments or concerns please contact us regarding our ground beef.

What is the deal pork loin

The deal is pork loin center cut. What a magnificant cut of meat. It is versitile in many ways including bone in or boneless. From the ribs you can take each chop individually. From the loin you can make a roast or make porterhouse chops. Stuffing the porkloin can also be a value added product. […]

Best lamb around is here. American.

The best lamb around is here at P & F Meat Market. We have been supplying this area with the best lamb for more than 34 years. Finding the supplier of this lamb was a heart beat. His name is Rick his experience with selling raising and breeding are of the top of experts. Our […]

Fall reminds me of this cut?

Fall reminds me of this cut of meat. Veal hind shank osso bucco and lamb hind shanks. You know on those cool nights with the wind blowing. You are craving some meat to warm the heart. Veal osso bucco with carrots and celery is my preference. The lamb shank I prefer with potatoe and lemon […]

Meat for the heart

Meat for the heart. This is what I say when I am working on pretty meat. Today we made beef flat Iron steaks portions of 6, 7 and 8oz. We then deboned American leg of lamb while keeping the shank intact. Next taking domestic lamb rack and taking the chine bone off. Staying with lamb […]


It is not easy being part of a family business when you are one of the family members. True being part of a family business does have its plus’s. Taking a day off for personal reasons brother will cover you. Taking a vacation a brother or father will have you covered. Although a draw back […]