Best lamb around is here. American.

The best lamb around is here at P & F Meat Market. We have been supplying this area with the best lamb for more than 34 years. Finding the supplier of this lamb was a heart beat. His name is Rick his experience with selling raising and breeding are of the top of experts. Our lamb is from Iowa. The color of the raw meat is emaculate. The yield to fat and bones is enough for a restauranteur to say their are some savings. Also most important the flavor supersedes any red meat. If you have not yet had American lamb it is definetly much different than Australian, New Zealand and Icelandic lamb. The three mentioned do not have any flavor. Not only that the meat is tougher to chew to me. Many people think of lamb as a gamey meat. It is not. If well cooked it becomes delicious. We carry all cuts. Please inquire.

P & F Meat Market is a respectable meat purveyor in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. We have been supplying meat to the area for more than 34 years.

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