Grill steaks. This is the time, changing of the seasons, leaves changing color, breeze getting a little cooler, evenings getting shorter. What a great time to grill a steak. The more popular is the porter house steak. the first cut would be considered the favored due to its large cut of tenderloin. The next cut would be the rib eye steak preferably with the bone. These steaks can be cooked over charcoal or under the broiler. These Kansas City steaks arrive from angus cattle grazing on grass and then finished with a corn diet for that amazing marbleilization. These steaks should be cut between 16oz -20oz. For a larger appetite even 20 -24oz would be a generous portion. P and F Meat Market is ready to handle your order for bone in ribeye steaks and porter house steaks. We are located conveniently in Landover Maryland and for the restaurants we are ready to deliver.

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