Us vs. the rest

Some of you may be asking why us vs the rest. Yes their are many meat, food service, big box stores, grocery stores, where ever else you can get meat and other meat products. P & F Meat Market has established itself as a premier meat purveyor. See the difference between us and the others is we offer exactly what the customer desires. Good product that matches good service. We hand select all our meats. With our on site meat processing room with a staff of butchers we are capable of preparing any type or quantity of meat for the most selective customer.

This week we are preparing Boneless Roll Tied (BRT) legs of lamb using Colorado lamb. We begin by selecting legs of lamb with the bone in choosing only legs that are yield 2 and 3 for optimal marbling. The hip bone is first removed following that is removing the shank and the round bone. We trim and the product is complete. Later on we will be cutting New York Strip Steaks approximately 12 oz portion. These are boneless strips and we use choice grade meat to complete this product.

Our mission is to make every customer happy through the product that is delivered. Again product, service, price these are why we stand taller than the rest. For any inquiries do not hesitate to call our sales team to set up an appointment.

P & F Meat Market is a family business providing service to the greater DC Metro area for over 36 years.

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