The President Eats Out

On his last days in Chicago President Obama went to a trendy spot in Chicago. Apparently he is an avid fan of eating out. This should be good publicity for restaurants in DC and the surrounding areas. It also means something else many small farms are pushing for less subsidies to big farms. The little farms would like money from the government to promote green farming. In Washington although it will be tough to promote this, to the fact that big wigs promote the agriculture states that they are from.
Savas Tsimaris View of P & F Meat Market in Landover MD. The United States Dept of Agriculture (USDA) would like less farms. More farms means more USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) this will cost the government money and more responsibility. If there were many farms it would be difficult to narrow down, if there was a food borne illnesses outbreak, where did it originate? There for I see the USDA consolidating even further. It will be tough for these small farms to compete and fund there operations with soo many rules the USDA announces every year.

P & F Meat Market distributs meat to the best restaurants hotels clubs and executive office of MD DC and VA. Started in 1976 by Pete Tsimaris we continue to operate today.

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