Veal Cuts to Love

Veal has become an appealing protein for many in the culinary world. These days it has become popular for those restaurants that are serious about profit. For the past year veal has been on the pricey side. Veal top rounds through the roof as well as the chops. The tide has turned veal portions have come down in price and now even a moderate priced restaurant can include a 12oz rib chop on the menu without breaking the bank. Something smart to consider would be for a restaurant to purchase a 50-60lb leg of veal and have us do all the work. Seam and skinless leg of veal is a very marketable protein. This purchase includes all the mucsle of the leg for scaloppine as well the hindshank for osso buco. The trimming from the muscle can be ground or left as is for the italian dish cannelloni. This is the optimum way to make a PROFIT.

P & F Meat Market has been helping restaurants with their meat buying needs for over 30 years. We have the pleasure of serving the DC Metro area. Delivery is available.

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