short ribs recipe

Short ribs I have to say are in season. What a marvelous cut of meat that can warm you up in the winter. Not to brag but my mother makes the most wonderful soup with short ribs. The soup ingredients include carrots, celery, potato and of course short ribs cut 1 inch and a quarter thick. Short ribs can be sold with or without the bone. My mom cooked the short ribs with the bone.

When cooking shortribs it is best to boil the meat for 30 to 45 minutes and discard the boiled water. You would then put a fresh batch of water. Short ribs while boiling can produce excess fat in the water. That is why it is best to discard the first boiling water.

When adding the fresh water introduce the carrots, celery, potato, salt, pepper and a spoon of tomatoe paste in the water with the short ribs. Boil for up to 90 minutes. After boiling take vegetables and meat out of water and serve. The condiments at the table should be salt, pepper, viniger, olive oil and lemon. Yes in our dinner table we serve the ingredients without the soup. We then serve the soup after finishing the meat and vegies.

For the soup you want to make avgolemono, that is greek for thickening the soup with one egg and lemon. Bon appetit!

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