milk fed veal leg cutlets

We are always a fan of bringing in milk fed veal whole musle or whole carcass. For instance the milk fed leg of veal seam and skinless, all the desirable muscle, trim, and bones are produced through this process. If you can use all that comes from a leg, that is optimal. Slicing, pinning and pounding, when you hear these three words what comes to mind? Scalopinni. This is a tedious process. We now offer pre sliced veal leg cutlets from milk fed veal. Each slice is individually packaged. We offer a 4oz, 5oz, and 6oz. We also offer top round cutlets packaged the same way.

P & F Meat Market is a family meat business serving the Washington DC, Northern VA and Maryland Restaurants with the best service and most knowledge in the area. We only supply the best meat so your patrons always come back for more.

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