It is not easy being part of a family business when you are one of the family members. True being part of a family business does have its plus’s. Taking a day off for personal reasons brother will cover you. Taking a vacation a brother or father will have you covered. Although a draw back is seeing each other at home and at work, man needs some seperation. The men involved in the business, Savas Tsimaris Sales and Marketing, Angelo Tsimaris Production and logistics, and Pete Tsimaris President. For the most part we get along because we have one motive, getting the customer what they need and fast.

Many small business understand what it is like the small arguments that can sometimes turn big. I think it is in the customers benefit always. We are always trying to better something although just is the old man says if it aint broke why fix it.

P & F Meat Market provides quality meat to the finer restaurants hotels and country clubs of the Washington DC metropolitan area and its suburbs.

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