Customers: “Times are tough.”

Having to cover a driver today, I Savas Tsimaris was able to get an analysis from a couple of customers on how times are tough. The first in Vienna Va who is the owner of an Italian Restaurant mentions how America is not the same country. Sergio says It used to be much easier to make a profit, “my expenses are increasing while my profits are decreasing.” He wonders how some people are able to pay such exhorbanent rent. If not for his name recognition he mentions and the fact that he has been in business for more than 2 decades.
Another customer Jimmy in Alexandria Va. He recently took ownership of a local family restaurant. He summed it up “I am holding my own”. Great article from Business Week.

As long as we have strong fundamentals in the businesses we run everything works out. I was always taught it starts out with the foundation, if it is strong it will be able to support what you build on top.

P & F Meat Market is a meat purveyor of top choice lamb veal beef. Also providing pork and poultry. Same day delivery to Washington Dc Maryland and Virginia.

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