Today Faith checked out new website

She is very excited at the opportunity that our brand is able to reach many more people. P & F Meat Market she says has come a long way. Faith could never imagine how the internet could propel the meat purveyor business in the Washington DC area. Cutting steaks and portioning them she could remember packaging same muscle cuts into the same paper rap and writing by hand what each package contained for the freezer orders. Hind quarters contained porterhouse steaks, sirloin steaks, round steaks, many cuts for roasting such as eye round. Flank steak she remembered was very limited due to only one piece coming from each side. Faith has since opted to stay out of the cold and wet areas of the processing areas and holding coolers, she took on her past career taking over a seamstress position with Brooks Brothers P & F Meat Market is a wholesale meat distributer providing choice cuts of lamb, veal, pork, poultry and choice beef.

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