Restaurant Inventory Woes

This week we argue weather it is favorable to take advantage of a good price and stock up on an item. Are answer is no. With the conditions that we are working in meaning a tough economic environment. Product sitting in inventory only means you are loosing money. Especially with perishable items which is our business it can disqualify the products original freshness. Bottom line you can undermine quality of the product as well as put a dent in your wallet. Best advise for a restauranteur is to find a distributer that only keeps fresh product available on a weekly basis.

Many times you can get confused and more willing to purchase more of an item due to that fact that its price is lower now than it was 3 or 4 months ago. But you never know the price of beef, lamb, veal, pork and poultry from one day to the other. It is a roller coaster. One day the price is low the other it is high.

Keep one thing in mind it is more important to have money in the bank than money inventory sittin around waitin to be sold.

P & F Meat Market is a meat distributer serving Montgomery County, Frederick, Prince Georges. Also Northern Virginia and Washington DC. We sell to the leading restaurants, hotels, and executive dining rooms. Are service and product is why we stand out among the rest.

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