Valentines Day Ideas

For Valentines day it can be a very scary day for gentleman. You have been pondering on what to get that special girl of yours. Time is running out. It is Tuesday and you still have not even purchased a gift let alone make a reservation to her favorite place to eat. May I make a few suggestions. Forget about hand bags, boots, sunglasses, jewlery. I say go straight to what they desire, a nice piece of lingerie from the one and only Victoria’s Secret. If you feel uncomfortable take a female friend or a female coworker. They will give you the ins and outs of what to purchase for that special someone. Selecting a nice restaurant would top off the evening and give her much happiness. At the dinner table go for the veal chop or the lamb chop.

For those that are in not so deep a relationship, selecting a nice restaurant would be a great way to make a good impression. Washington DC provides a great array of restaurants. From the popular restaurant where you go for the atmosphere and to be seen. This is nice. Then you got the restaurants that offer 8 course meals. This is nice although you should be prepared for a long evening. Then of course you have neighborhood restaurants where everyone knows each other. Its up to you, but if you are nervous from now and are weary of what she enjoys just ask her where she wants to eat. This can cause no harm it will avoid much hassle.

Northern Virginia and Maryland offer much the same options as the city but if you live in the suburbs it will save you gas and time. Good luck on what you decide and further just have fun.

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