chuck vs top round for ground beef

Using chuck vs top round for ground beef was my recent debate. First off from a butchers perspective you should always use chuck for ground beef. I was on a trip this week when I had a conversation with a restauranteur. Vick is using top round for ground beef. He makes burgers and meat sause for lasagna with this meat. He has his reasons for using top round, it cost a $1.90 lb. By the way he grinds and trims the meat in house. My suggestion to him was to purchase ground neck off chuck roll from a meat company. The experience to the patron will be a whole much better. The best burger will come from using this meat. The approximate cost may be about .75 lb more however much time and labor will be saved. The top round has a thick nerve if not removed properly can be hard at bite. The neck off chuck has some nerves however have a different texture and can be removed easier. The top round is best used for making a nice roast beef sandwich, he could charge more for this than a burger.

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