lamb chops

Lamb chops to me are the most tasty meat you can grill on the barbe. The way they are prepared in the shop is most interesting. We start off with a whole rack of lamb from Colorado. This is the rib area of the lamb. The ribs are usually 4 inches long and the diameter of the rib meat is 3 inches. Their are several ways to prepare this cut but for the sake of it being summer time we will prepare this frenched style. It begins by spliting the rack of lamb in half and removing the chine bone. We next remove the cap meat this consist of extra fat and cap meat. What makes this frenched style is working around each rib bone and removing the meat. I like to keep a one inch lip. Next we go in between each rib with a sharp knife. By the end we have 16 lamb chops that are ready to be tossed on the grill. Marination is typically salt, pepper, vegetable oil and lemon. The choice is up to you. Bon Appetite!

P & F Meat Market supplies the restaurants of the Metropolitan area of DC and its suburbs with the finest meat.

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