Pork and chicken souvlaki

Pork and chicken souvlaki. It all begins with the most tasty pork shoulder. The meat is trimmed of excess fat and then cubed to about 1 oz. With our old family recipe that has been passed down from generations we marinate the meat over night. The meat is skewered the next day . The ingredients in the marinade make a wonderful aroma, it reminds you of those summer afternoons in Greece. The pork recipe was such a hit we introduced a chicken recipe as well. We use boneless breast and the marinade is the exact same as the pork.

P & F meat market has been taking the pain out of ordering meat daily for some of the most demanding chefs for over 35 years. We specialize in Daily delivieries, with some of the best Meat in the Washington D.C. Maryland and Virginia areas. Let us know how we can help you.

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  1. sara cailler

    I see that your pork souvlaki is the special of the month. Please provide me with how many per case and the pricing. Is the chicken the same price?

    Thank you

  2. savastsimaris

    Thank you for your inquiry looking forward to taking care of your order.

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